What Types of Research Products Does Spotalpha Offer?

Spotalpha offers three research products Alpha Portfolios (IN), Alpha Ratings (IN) and Alpha Trends (IN). Each research product is designed for a different investment approach. In addition to the research products, we also provide a suite of 19 tools available as Alpha Builder (IN). Please note that the tools provided as part of Alpha Builder are used to generate Spotalpha’s research. So, if you are a power investor and want more than what is provided as part of the research products then please explore Spotalpha’s tools.

Alpha Portfolios (IN)
Alpha Portfolios are ideal for active investors who prefer to invest in a diversified portfolio. These portfolios combine the aspects of timing, selection and allocation to outperform the market. This is also Spotalpha’s most popular product because of it’s ease of use. As part of this product you get access to three portfolios focused on different market segments Large-Cap, Mid-Cap and Small-Cap. Each of these portfolios have between 8 to 15 stocks in general and are dynamically rebalanced from time to time. There are approximately 5 to 8 rebalances per year. When the market is in bearish trend then the portfolios switch from equity to 100% cash allocation. Please note that there may be a slight overlap of market segment as part of the holdings, to allow for adequate diversification. For example: the large-cap portfolio might also have some minority allocation to some mid-cap stocks.

Alpha Ratings (IN)

Alpha Ratings are ideal for relatively passive investors who plan to invest and hold their positions for longer durations such as several months or years. As part of this product, you get access to Ratings and Ranks of Stocks and ETFs. These ratings and ranks are calculated on a risk-adjusted return basis and are updated every month. Stocks that are consistently generating better returns for the risk involved are rated higher and therefore are ideal for longer term investing.

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