Why Do Investors Need Alpha Builder?

Alpha Builder is a suite of 19 powerful investment research tools that can greatly enhance your investing experience. These tools have a proven track record of generating alpha, which means that they assist investors in consistently outperforming the benchmark index. The suite of tools supports investors across multiple investment styles – portfolio, trend based, hedged or leveraged. They have a strong and proven track record of outperforming the markets for more than five years.

The Alpha Builder suite of tools is also used internally to build Spotalpha’s various research products that have consistently outperformed the benchmark NIFTY-50 index since 2016. By making these tools available, Spotalpha helps self-directed investors perform their own research based on their personal investing preferences and styles.

The Alpha Builder suite includes various tools that cater to different aspects of investing. For investors who invest in diversified portfolios, the Portfolio Optimization tool guides them on which stocks to select, how much to allocate and when to re-balance your positions. With these tools, one can build and rebalance optimised Portfolios and outperform mutual funds while saving on fund management fees.

Additionally, the Alpha Builder suite offers six instrument analysis tools and seven screeners that allow trend based investors to delve deeper into individual instruments, sectors or investment themes.

Furthermore, Alpha Builder provides comprehensive Alpha Reports, which are posts that are updated daily and offer detailed yet easy-to-understand insights on stocks, indices, ETFs, sectors, or investment themes.

In summary, Alpha Builder is a collection of powerful tools for self-directed investors seeking to outperform professional fund managers.

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