What Are the Key Features of Alpha Builder?

The key features of Alpha Builder include:

  1. High-performance trend signals: These signals help identify emerging trends in the market, enabling investors to capitalize on potential opportunities.
  2. Portfolio optimizer for stocks: The portfolio optimizer tool suggests where to invest, how much to allocate, and when to rebalance your holdings. It empowers investors to build their own portfolios and outperform mutual funds.
  3. Alpha, Volatility, Return distribution, and other analysis tools: Alpha Builder offers various analysis tools to assess factors such as alpha (outperformance), volatility, return distribution, and more. These tools provide valuable insights into an investments performance and risk. These tools can also be used in a comparative manner where the analysis provided suggests which of the two instruments is a better investment candidate.
  4. Comprehensive range of tools: The suite of 19 tools in Alpha Builder covers different aspects of investment research. This includes portfolio analysis tools, instrument analysis tools, advanced market screeners and detailed Alpha Reports.

Alpha Builder caters to all the needs of active investors who want to increase the efficiency of their investments strategies and outperform the market.

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