Can I Use Alpha Portfolios for Long-term Investing?

Yes, Alpha Portfolios is designed for mid to long-term investing. They are also designed to generate positive alpha for investors, which means they aim to outperform the benchmark NIFTY-50 index. These portfolios are available in three categories: Large-Cap, Mid-Cap, and Small-Cap.

Each Alpha Portfolio typically rebalances 5 to 8 times per year. This ensures that the portfolio remains aligned with the desired investment objectives and takes advantage of market opportunities as they arise. Investors who want fewer rebalances can, at their own discretion, skip a few rebalances. While this will impact performance, and is not advisable, they should still be able to generate some healthy returns.

In summary, Alpha Portfolios can be used for long-term investing as they aim to outperform benchmark indices and maximize returns while minimizing risk in the long-term. The portfolios are carefully selected and undergo periodic rebalancing to stay aligned with investment objectives.

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